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Fairway Woods

Fairway Woods - Use Them

Many golfers develop a fear of using their woods when they are on the fairway. The clubs are longer and there is something kind of intimidating when you set up to hit the ball and there is no tee.

Get over it. Practice the woods at the driving range. Fairway woods can help you knock strokes off your score.

Personally I don't use a 2 wood. It's almost as heavy as a driver and there is not much more loft to it. Seems to me it's a waste but you need to try it for yourself at the range and make your own determination. I do know a few golfers that prefer to use the 2 wood over their driver when teeing off because of the small loft.

My preference as far as the fairway woods is the 3 wood. It's easy to swing and gives me nice loft and good distance. I play the ball off my left heel and pretty much swing it like a driver. Keep in mind, though, you need to hit the ball squarely.

Now if you are in the rough with a good distance to go, don't use a 3 wood but consider a 4 wood. If it's long grass, however, consider using an iron instead. The 4 wood also works good when hitting from a bad lie on the fairway and gets the ball up quickly for clearing any trees or other such hazards.

I don't have a 5 wood but one of my playing partners suggested I give one a try. He says it's easier to control than the irons. I'll give it a try one day but would be interested in hearing from other golfers that have maybe used one.

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