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Free Golf Tips - Some Quickies

Here is some free golf tips for you. These are going to be quickies I come across and simply add. I hope they help you improve your golf scores.

How To Start The New Season Off Right With Short Game Practice

When the new golf season approaches, instead of immediately hitting the driving range, the best way to get your game off to a good start is to concentrate on your short game.

Go to a practice green and spend at least an hour or two practicing your chipping and putting.

At the practice green start out with putting. Bring three balls with you. Start in close at about 2 feet and move around the hole in a circular pattern (12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock). Move out a foot each time you complete a circle making all three putts at each position. If you miss a putt you have to start over. If you can get out to 7 or 8 feet all the short putts this year will feel like gimme's.

See if the following golf tip helps you keep your head still during your swing . . .some golfers actually tilt their head to their trailing arm before their downswing to ensure that it is behind the ball at the point of impact.

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