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Golf Pitching - Ball Position

Golf Pitching - Correct Ball Position

As you address the golf ball, the ball position plays a major role in the trajectory the golf ball will have after impact. The further back in your stance the lower the trajectory and the less backspin and more roll.(picture #1) The further forward in your stance the higher the trajectory and the more backspin and less roll.(picture #2)

The upside to playing the ball back in your stance is the ability to make ball turf contact. If the golf ball is back in your stance it is easier to make contact because the club head is swinging down towards the golf ball. The further forward you move the golf ball in your stance the greater the risk of hitting the ball on the upswing. If you make contact on the upswing you will strike the middle or top of the golf ball and the result will be a low shot with flat trajectory.

golf pitching By addressing the golf ball forward in your stance the leading edge of the golf club will swing down into the ground directly under the golf ball. As the leading edge of the golf club makes contact with the ground and the bottom of the golf ball, the ball will climb up the club face which in turn lifts the ball in the air.(picture #3) The lifting motion impacts trajectory and backspin, two key elements to pitching the golf ball softly around the green.

If you are struggling with pitching the golf ball, placement in your stance can play a major role in you getting back on track. If you start with the ball in the center of your stance you will be able to make contact and see instant results. Keep in mind moving the ball forward in your stance will allow the golf ball to go up with trajectory however it makes the shot a bit more risky.

Often times it is difficult to see if the golf ball is in the correct position when you are addressing the golf ball. One of the best ways to see if the ball position is correct is to practice with three straight edges. The top line (straight edge) should point towards your intended line you want the ball to travel on. The bottom line (straight edge) should aim parallel to the top line. The bottom line is for your feet, knees, hips and shoulders. (picture #4)

This article has been provided by Pure Point Golf

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