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Golf Swing Alignment - It All Starts Here

It's important to begin every shot with good alignment.

golf swing alignment 1st step

Use your clubs as alignment aids every time you practice. Lay one club on the ground parallel to the target line. Lay another from toe to toe to indicate the direction of your stance. Now, lay another club perpendicular to the target line . extending from the ball back toward your feet. This will indicate the ball position.

Examine your alignment and ball position. Remember when you flare your back foot your "toe line" will no longer look square. At that point just move the club behind you feet and check your "heel line".

golf swing alignment 2

Hold a club across your shoulders and check alignment toward the target. Repeat for the hips and thighs. In a square stance the shoulders, hips and thighs should be aligned parallel to the target! THIS IS A GREAT THING TO DO EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE ON THE COURSE ALSO. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Your shoulders and your hips should both be square.


  1. To develop a way to spot check alignment problems. Make sure your shoulders are properly aligned. Your shoulders are the most important element because your swing path will follow the alignment of your shoulders through impact. Subtle compensations can creep into your swing if you are not properly aligned. Without help even the best golfers can have trouble recognizing this. You must constantly check your alignment to be consistent!!! Get in the habit of aligning your club face squarely to the target then align your body.
  2. To start your practice sessions properly aligned. Don't assume you are lined up correctly. Remember practice makes permanent, so make sure you are starting off positioned correctly. Learn the square stance first. Later, as the need arises, you can experiment with other stances.
  3. To double check your target line. If you don't accurately know your target line, you cannot easily tell if you are making swing path errors. Before each shot approach the ball from behind and pick your target line. Then when taking your stance align yourself toward your target. Better players align themselves much more consistently than poor players. Hitting balls without aiming at a target is an invitation for swing problems. Tape, clubs on the ground, or and "practice partners" are all good ways to check alignment. This will help you learn to identify the different between a poor shot and an error in alignment.
  4. Do.s and Do nots

    Put a club on the ground just outside (or just inside) your target line. You should leave one club on the ground parallel to the target line whenever you hit practice balls.

    You will find more tips just like that here . . . Learn How to Improve Your Golf Swing Quickly! Guaranteed!

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