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Golf Swing Mechanics

golf swing mechanics Are golf swing mechanics the key to a consistent swing? What do we mean by golf swing mechanics?

Basically we are talking about the entire golf swing and following certain steps so we can make our swing consistent. You grip the club and align yourself, beginning your back swing and following through with your downswing.

The problem can become golf swing mechanics followed too strictly can make the game harder and not as fun. You need to learn the principles of a good swing, but then you need to adapt it to you. Your swing must be smooth and as natural as possible.

You need to understand the principles of a good golf swing. Once you understand it, you begin to understand how the golf swing mechanics mesh. The best way to understand these principles is to read all the information I have here on the golf swing, watch videos, maybe take a few lessons.

But don't get too caught up in the mechanics of your golf swing. Use them as a sort of outline. Golf Swing Mechanics is a perfect place for you to begin as it not only shows you plenty of pictures, but breaks down the mechanics in a way you can understand.

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