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Make A One Piece Takeaway – The Power Triangle

gold backswing The Easy Way To Make A One Piece TakeAway

The purpose here – To keep your “triangle” (formed by your two arms and your chest) intact on your backswing and your downswing. This is helpful for all golfers but especially so for those whose trail hand/arm tends to get over active. This helps you learn a proper “core turn” and a simple “one piece takeaway” (i.e., core turn) to start your backswing.

When you address the ball with your front arm, push with your Power Thumb lightly forward toward the target. You should feel some tension and some pulling forward in the triceps. You may feel some light tension in your chest muscles as well.

With your trail arm, pull lightly backward. You’ll be pulling back mostly with your pinky, ring finger and middle finger of your trail hand. This opposing force very lightly tenses your arms in opposing each other. Keep in mind you should still make sure your front elbow is just slightly bent and pointed at the target).

The opposing force prevents you from getting too tense in your grip. It also helps make a bigger shoulder turn and helps keep the club right on plane.

This means you can take the club back with your shoulders turning together as a unit, thus keeping your “triangle” nicely intact while making a one piece takeaway until the club is back to almost horizontal or more. This will help you gain some distance.

The Power Triangle is also especially helpful for chipping. It helps prevent any breaking down of the wrist so your body's core powers the chips like it’s supposed to. Do not freeze your wrists. Even with Power Triangle there is definitely some wrist action.

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