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Golf Swing - It All Begins Here

golf swing The golf swing is where it all begins. Once you get your swing down, and it stays consistent, your golf scores are going to improve.

Believe it or not, when you perform your golf back swing, it is not all in your arms. It is also more about the golfer’s back as he turns away from the target. The club is actually being put behind yours back and not simply swung up towards the air.

The back swing

If you analyze it closely, the golf back swing actually works from up to down. The takeaway back swing begins from the top as you make the movement on your arms and follows as you do that turn on your shoulders. The movement then goes straight down towards the legs and the hips.

The golf back swing is primarily about how the body is being coiled upwards, creating the needed tension in the muscles as well as the necessary torque to be able to turn loose a powerful downswing. The back swing is created anywhere in between the golfer’s turning his/her upper body as well as shoulders and then turning – to a lesser degree – the lower body and the hips.

Do not swing in a hurried manner. If a back swing is done in a hurry, the downswing does not become fast, and could actually it could do the opposite.

The back swing speed should be in a tempo that is steady and should neither be fast nor slow.You can see how important this is to the overall golf swing.

The downswing

When you reach the downswing, all you really need to do is to just let it go. Let the downswing happen.

The downswing must be the natural result of all that went before it. If you were able to do your back swing in the correct manner, your body will unwind in itself, releasing the club and striking the ball, resulting in a follow through that is well balanced.

The follow through

If you follow through correctly, the legs will be adequately straight and the hips will form a straight line together with the legs.

This move will serve as the gauge of the whole golf swing. You know that you were able to pull a swing that is smooth and balanced if in the end you have a position that looks like the letter C in reverse.

The Golf Swing explains this more thoroughly and includes pictures.

Don't get overly concerned about the Golf Swing Mechanics but use them as a basis for developing a swing that works for you.

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Ben Hogan had a golf swing that pretty much translates into many of today's top player's swings. Take a look at this video and you might pick up a few tips.

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