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Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf tips for beginners should be basic. It's natural for a first time golfer to want to see how far they can hit the ball. They head to the driving range and watch some of the golfers there smacking the cover off the ball and want to do the same thing.

Wrong way to think. Good golf tips for beginners should start you out by teaching you the proper way to swing.

I decided to write this after my experience this past weekend. My 7 year old grandson wanted to go to the driving range. We took his junior club, a 7 iron, and headed over. I took my driver just so I could hit a few.

He started by setting the ball on the tee and I got him lined up properly and went over his swing. Then he starts his backswing and moves his feet and swings as hard as he can, missing the ball and spinning around and almost hitting it on the spin around. It was funny and we both laughed.

I hit a couple to show him how to properly swing. Maybe not a good move because he decides he should be able to hit it as far as me and tries even harder. When he did manage to hit the ball, it sent pretty decent. But . . . . .

At home the next day he wanted to practice some more. I have a driving net in the back yard so we headed out back. Again he tried swinging hard. After a while I told him to watch me. I took his club and did a small swing, using only my wrists. The purpose was to show him to let the club do the work.

Well it worked. Now he wanted to know how to hit the ball so it went up in the air and into the net and not simply low and into the net.

We practiced for about an hour and he was really improving. His mom called him to go and he didn't want to but I told him we would practice next time.

He left feeling pretty proud of himself and not worrying so much about clobbering the ball.

When you are choosing golf tips for beginners, make sure you choose the ones that help you learn to control the ball first. You work up into the big swing later.

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