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Medium Irons
Beginner Golf Tips

Medium Irons for the Fairway

medium irons Medium irons can be difficult for the beginning player but are probably easier to master than fairway woods.

If you are just beginning, try hitting most of your shots from a position opposite your left heel. As you get more and more comfortable, you can start to move the ball back a little further as the irons become shorter.

As the irons become shorter, the key is to move the ball back further so that you contact the swing in the proper place in the swing pattern in order to hit down and through the ball. However, in the beginning the goal is to simply hit the ball and not worry so much about taking turf.

Your back swing should not go as far back using the medium irons as you would using your woods. You will want to take the club back slowly and keep it low to the ground. To begin with there is little movement in the body or the hips.

As your back swing continues, you are going to gradually feel your weight beginning to shift.

Concentrate on swinging the club and not lifting it. This is the reason to begin the backswing with the club close to the ground. Your backswing with the medium irons is not as high as it is with the woods however, you still need to maintain firm control of the club as you reach the top of the backswing.

Start the downswing following the same plane as the back swing. You will feel your weight shift to the left. As your wrists uncoil your hands and arms will come straight through and your body will follow this natural turn to the left.

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