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Putting - Learn to Putt Well Consistently

With any putting stoke it takes work to be a good putter. You need to understand your stroke and you need to truly know exactly what you are going to repeat each time. You need to know exactly how you're going to place your hands; you need to know exactly how you are going to stand. You need to have practiced the physical move enough so it automatic.HAVE "BALANCED HANDS"

When you stroke the ball both hand contributed to the force and direction of the putt. You want to maintain the same balance between you two hands on each putt. I AM NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD HAVE A 50-50 BALANCE BETWEEN YOUR HANDS. I am saying what ever the best balance with each hand that works for you, then that is the balance of force between your hands that you should maintain on every putting stroke.

With Symple Putting most of the force and control should be done mostly by the top (or leading) hand. The bottom (or trailing hand) should provide some guidance but not very much power. The bottom hand is more along for the ride. If the bottom hand gets over active you're likely to start pulling your putts.


You need to grip the club the same what every single time!!! Exactly how you grip the putter very much affects the balance of power between your hands.

Here's just one example, with my bottom hand if I wrap my bottom hand thumb and index finger around the shaft I will automatically grip the club too tightly. That too tight grip will generally cause me to pull my putt.

However if I loosen my grip taking either my bottom thumb or bottom index finger (or both) off the shaft then I don't have the "urge" to tighten my bottom hand. When I don't tighten my bottom hand I have a very nice repeatable and accurate putting stroke.

Each of us is a little different and you may want to try a slight variation with your grip to compensate for one of your tendencies. You may putt much better (more consistently) just with a minor modification to the placement of one of your hands.

A little experimentation especially if you a re having some problems can be a very good thing. The goal is to have a consistent stoke that returns the putter head to square through impact every time.

Even the actually shape and size of the physical grip that you have on your putter can effect the balance of your hands.

Putting Drills to help you perfect that putting stroke.

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