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Do You Make These Common Setup Mistakes?

Golf Setup Mistakes The setup in golf is so important to an overall smooth and consistent swing. Setting up improperly leads to a poor swing which leads to frustration.

Yet there are common mistakes many golfers make. It is easy to overlook the setup but you need to avoid this. See if any of these setup mistakes are yours.

Poor grip
Your hands in the wrong position either excessively weak or strong. Many golfers have no clear idea of what would work for him. A poor grip often leads to flipping the hands to square the club at impact, which actually decelerates the club and releases the stored energy in the shaft prematurely, Oftentimes putting the club face off line at collision with the ball.

Too upright or too squat
Knees bent excessively or hardly bent at all. This makes it difficult to make a consistent backswing and reach a strong top from which a powerful stroke can be made.

Stance too narrow or too wide
This causes off balance swings.

The mistakes continue with improper bending of the upper body.
The bending should be at the waist and not at the hip sockets, which creates a poor spine angle and poor posture with the back badly curved and the head hanging down over the ball. From any of these, the takeaway is erratic and leverage is lost while making the swing.

Arms in too close or too far from the body

Ball position too far forward, or too far back, in the stance, ultimately yielding topped or fat shots.

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